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Welcome to Kevin Sypolt Ironman 2010

On November 23 2008 I finished Ironman Arizona and together we raised over $5,000 dollars for Bright Side of the Road Foundation.

Bright Side is a charity with a single focus, finding a cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). My friend from college, Barry Winovich had been diagnosed with this disease and he along with the help of others built this charity.

Because of the support of all of the different ALS charities especially the Blazeman group at the Ironman event and hearing from Bright Side Director, Jack Subel, on how he and Barry were watching online to see me do the ALS roll (to show support for ALS some racers will do a roll across the finish line vs. running) I had decided to dedicate my next three Ironman events to the Bright Side foundation.

So this past October I began training for Ironman St. George. Training is no fun in Northern Illinois in the wintertime. Many of the runs are inside and most of the bikes and it can get rather depressing doing long hours inside. I was having doubts if I would even be able to compete in this event since in November I had shoulder surgery and was not able to swim until February.

Then in early March I received an email that another friend of mine from college, from the same fraternity had just been diagnosed with ALS.

The odds of having 2 friends with this disease that has a survival rate of 0 after five years is devastating to me. I cannot phantom being in this situation.

In 2008 I asked everyone to pitch in $10 dollars, I am now asking for you to pitch in $10 dollars per Ironman. MAY 1 Ironman St. George Utah, November 6 2010 Ironman Florida, November 26 2011 Ironman Cozumel.

Join the Bright Side and Live the Life you Imagine.


Kevin Sypolt

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